The Trusted Partner to Countless Financial Professionals

As you know, the business of commercial finance can be quite competitive, especially for an individual broker. Without the right resources backing you, you risk losing clients to competition despite all of your hard work and effort. Often, those resources don’t come simply by being associated with a financing firm. Many such businesses promise you loyalty and support, only to then take the credit for your hard work and fail to compensate you justly. Thus, you need to find the right firm to affiliate with.

Join Our Team

We at Laere Capital are that firm, and we’re constantly searching for brokers with your skills to join the ranks of our organization. We can offer you the autonomous environment needed to work effectively, while also providing you with opportunities to collaborate with some of the best minds in the commercial finance business. Other benefits available to you as a Laere Capital broker include:

  • Direct access to our industry leading lender network
  • The full support off all of our many financial, professional and legal resources
  • A compensation structure specifically designed to recognize the work that you do

Let Us Help You Succeed

We also understand that many brokers covet the freedom that comes with working independently. If you fall into that category, we would still like to help you out by being a trusted referral partner. You bring your clients to us, and we’ll provide the financing options needed to fund their deals (and reward you with some of the best referral rates in the industry). As gratitude for placing your trust in us, we’ll also remain loyal to you, referring your clients back to you should they ever come to us for financing again in the future.

All business deals are established and consummated through the hard work of brokers like yourself. We here at Laere Capital understand this, and realize that our reputation is largely due to such efforts. That is why we’ve made it our mission to support your success. Whether it’s by working as your referral partner or providing you with the organizational structure you need to succeed, we’re here for you. To learn more about participating in our Referral and Broker Program, contact us today.