Use a Merchant Cash Advance to Support Your Small Business

What company or small business would not benefit from a quick infusion of cash? The trouble is securing one is often such a hassle. When not due to a spike is sales activity, one typically only comes through financing from a bank or credit union. Applying for such a loan can be a stressful process, plus doing so ties up your business’ borrowing capacity. Then there’s the worry that comes from having to pay it back. Why not just let us here at Laere Capital allow you to avoid all those concerns by helping you to instead secure a Merchant Cash Advance?

Benefits Available through Your Merchant Account

If you have a merchant account, you can use that to secure as much as $200,000 for each of your business locations. Such an advance can be invaluable of you’re in need of money to:

  • Meet payroll and other overhead expenses during lean seasons
  • Purchase new business equipment
  • Fund a customer promotion or expansion project

Unlike with a traditional loan, you don’t need to concern yourself with paying your advance back. That occurs naturally as you continue to take credit card payments. A portion of each payment is simply applied towards the balance owing on your advance.

Oftentimes, the best tools to help support your small business’ success are sitting right under your nose. It’s our job here at Laere Capital to help you take advantage of them. Let us unlock the funding potential of your merchant account. To get started on securing your advance, contact us today.