The Financial Help Healthcare Providers Need

Working as a healthcare provider often brings with it quite a few sleepless nights. Yet such stresses are often not due to the wellbeing of your patients, but rather concerns over how you’ll be able to afford the costs of your career. At every stage of your professional journey as a doctor, dentist, chiropractor or veterinarian, you’re sure to encounter financial obstacles. Yet not to worry; we at Laere Capital are here to accompany you along the path.

Assistance at Every Stage of Your Healthcare Career

Our support comes through the many outstanding financing options we offer, each of which can help you at different stages of your career, including:

  • Consolidating and paying off all of your student loan debt
  • Establishing a new practice or buying into an existing one
  • Expanding your clinic
  • Purchasing new state-of-the-art medical equipment
  • Meeting your overhead expenses

Speaking of working capital, we can get you as much as $75,000 based off of your application alone. If you’re able to provide full financials, that amount increases to $250,000. Approval is fast and easy, and none of our products are reported to credit bureaus.

No matter the expenses that you’re up against, the Medical and Healthcare Financing Programs we here at Laere Capital offer are guaranteed to have a solution. Trust in us to be able to deliver those solutions, and you’ll be able to focus all of your efforts and attention right where they need to be: On the continued health and safety of your patients. To get started on your financing application, give us call today.